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Sous Vide


What is Sous Vide?

Sous vide (pronounced soo-veed) is French for "Under Vacuum" and a culinary technique in which food is first vacuum sealed then immersed in a sous-vide water bath and cooked at very precise and consistent low temperature. The cooking time is longer than other methods for the same food, but the cooking temperature is much lower. This low temperature cooking produces remarkable and unique results. Sous vide cooking was first developed in the mid 1970s by chef Georges Pralus for the internationally renowned, Michelin three star restaurant "Trois Gros", in Roanne, France. Sous vide cooking preserves the food nutrients without destroying the food texture, it maintains food moisture and eliminates food shrinkage, it also accentuates food taste and flavour . In addition to all these benefits, sous vide cooking allows the restaurant chef to achieve perfect levels of doneness every time. With sous vide cooking method it is impossible to over-cook food and better still, once the food is cooked you can hold it at the right temperature without dehydrating or burning it.

Sous vide is very different to all other cooking techniques. It is this unique way of water bath cooking that produces exact scalable results. No other cooking method can produce such outstanding tastes and textures. One of the reasons sous vide cooking has become very popular these days is because it represents a unique way of cooking where creativity and experimentation can flourish. Sous vide allows you to modify old recipes and create outstanding new creations that are not possible with any other cooking methods.

Sous Vide Machine

FusionChef by Julabo is a premium high quality range of sous vide equipment specially developed and engineered by Julabo the world leader in fluid temperature control to bring a new level of low temperature cooking equipment to commercial kitchens. FusionChef is used by celebrity chefs around the world due to its precision, efficiency, economy and optimisation of processes in a commercial kitchen.

Creator of the first sous vide water bath for commercial kitchens, Julabo is recognised as the world's leading expert in liquid temperature control equipment for research, science, and industry for more than four decades. Pairing a tried and true French cooking method with precision German engineering, fusionchef by Julabo brings a new level of precision and accuracy to the sous vide cooking in commercial kitchens. Sous vide cooking has started a new wave of innovation and creativity among chefs at major restaurants around the world and especially here in Australia.

In recent years experimenting with sous vide cooking has reached new heights because of the unique benefits it provides: healthier nutrition, concentrated flavours, and perfect results. For commercial kitchens there are added benefits: less or no wastage, cooler kitchen, scalable results, better service planning and execution. FusionChef sous vide is a must have in every commercial kitchen.

Victor Chang Foundation

We are proud to support Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute. $10 from sale of every FusionChef sous vide circulator or sous vide water bath will be donated to Victor Chang Cardiac Research institute to support this worthy cause and to ensure the work of this pioneering surgeon continues. You can contribute towards this important work by making additional donations. Please click on the above banner to make a donation.